Home Inspections

In the world of single family home inspections there are 3 most common reasons for the inspection.

Buyers inspection – This is most common for single family homes.

Pre sale inspection for home sellers  – This form of inspection is predominately so that the home seller is made aware of any glaring issues before placed on the market.

Home maintenance inspections – or also commonly referred as the (peace of mind) inspection. Often times home owners wish to know what is going in their old home or current situation.

Pricing: Prices vary based on square footage, age and home type. (crawlspaces are no additional charge with Brightside)

Condos/Townhomes: Range $345 – $550

Single Family Home: Range $395 – $670

Sewer Inpsection

A sewer inspection can save time, money and frustration. Weather it be an inspection for a home buyer or for a home owner, we can definitely help.

Using a professional high resolution color and self leveling camera fed through your outgoing plumbing system, we can detect even the smallest of problems. Issues such as pipe cracks, root penetration, build up and sagging pipes are just a few items commonly detected.

What better to have than peace of mind that your outgoing filth continues to flow the proper way. Let us do the dirty work!

Pricing: $255 (grouped with home inspection $225)

Whats included:

  • Full sewer inspection
  • Email with attachment of Video footage of entire inspection with written detail as to any defects.

Air Quality Testing

The most common test to industry standard is the air quality test. Air quality tests are a tool that can be used to see what kind of mold spores are in the air. Like any tool they have their limitations.

Air quality tests are usually taken by collecting a 75 liter air sample from inside the home and pulling it through a small filter/disc. That filter is analyzed by the lab and a report is given that lists the different types of black mold and other types of mold. These tests are then compared to the outside mold spore counts and assessed weather there is elevated or normal levels within the home.

Pricing: $395 ($40 for each additional filter)

Whats included:

  • The Air-O-Cell test with 4 filters.
  • Lab testing and delivery.
  • Written report and lab results with a summary of findings emailed to you within 3 business days. (time needed for lab testing)

Pool and Spa Inspection

Whether you’re about to purchase a new property or already have a pool of your own, getting regular pool and spa inspections can save you time, money and headaches later on.

Swimming pools and spas are heavy on the fun, but with that fun comes additional maintenance and potential hazards to consider. By opting for a swimming pool inspection, you’re making safety a priority.

Specially trained NACHI certified inspectors examine your pool and spa in two parts: visually and mechanically. The visual pool and spa inspection includes looking over pool equipment, electrical supply (including pool lighting) and any safety issues immediately surrounding the pool and pool deck. The mechanical pool and spa inspection monitors most important equipment as it runs.

Pricing: $175 ($150 if grouped with a home inspection)